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Arena of Valor Tips and Tricks – A Practical Guide


28 Oct 2020

Gabriel Sciberras

Here at esportsguide, our recent series of Tips and Tricks has truly taken off. In fact, after we’ve covered a series of top titles, we’re now ready to dive into our very first mobile game. In fact, Arena of Valor is the next title we’ll be diving into. Accordingly, read on to hear our tips and tricks!

Before proceeding, do note that the title of Arena of Valor may be under a different name depending on your region. Accordingly, an Eastern version called Kings of Glory and a previous title of Honor of Kings are all the same title. Bearing this in mind, these tips apply to all of these titles.

Mechanical Skills

As a mobile title, we’ll have to take a different approach here when it comes to mechanical skill. Unlike a controller or keyboard and mouse, the entire interface is literally in your hands. Here are some tips for this mobile MOBA title:

  • Hold the mobile device appropriately – you’ll want to consider two approaches. Either hold the device in your hands and hence limit only your thumbs to the screen. Otherwise, lay the device flat and utilize more than one finger to interact with the screen – the latter is preferred by competitors.
Credits: Arena of Valor
  • Master tapping – inexperienced mobile gamers will take way to long too long to translate their thoughts to actions. Especially as a MOBA, a flurry of taps will be required for movement, item use and much more. Practice will develop this skill.
  • Ensure that your hands are as comfortable as possible – this may be done by utilizing a larger screen, avoiding sweaty hands and keeping your fingers warm – find what works for you.
  • Manoeuvres such as stutter stepping will follow secondary to a strong familiarity with tapping.

In-Game Knowledge and Awareness

For our Arena of Valor Tips and Tricks, some of our pieces of advice are similar to what you’ve read before. Indeed, as a MOBA, certain general tips will still apply as they do to other titles in this genre such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. Regardless, here’s a reminder:

Credits: Arena of Valor
  • Ensure that you have a massive pool of knowledge with regards to the champions – knowing weakness and strengths will prove essential
  • Constantly look at the mini-map – something new players are reminded to do and for good reason. A tonne of information can be gained from the map.
  • Be aware of meta shifts with respect to both champions and in-game items too.
  • Don’t waste gold on heroes and instead focus on arcana
  • Playing Abyssal Clash – this overlooked game mode is great to hone in some skills. These include team fighting, hero abilities, power spikes and generally puts you in tough situations.
  • Adapting to how the game progresses – pre-game, mid-game and late-game all offer their own strategies apart from defence and offence.

Personal and Interpersonal – Arena of Valor Tips and Tricks

Keeping your cool in Arena of Valor is probably more important than in any other competitive title. A tiny amount of stress or rage is enough to cause players to fumble a tap on the screen which could be costly. Here are some more Arena of Valor Tips and Tricks:

arena of valor
Credits: Arena of Valor
  • Hold off playing ranked – many casuals have the tendency to play a few normal games and immediately dive into the ranked playlist. This won’t get you anyway. You must develop the understanding that you’ll need time and practice before you’re ready.
  • Each time you lose, be sure to identify what caused the loss within yourself – blaming teammates won’t get you very far as a player and a person.
  • Discuss and analyze your own gameplay with others in order to progress, being able to take criticism and grow from it
  • Whatever happens, don’t lose your cool or play too aggressively – both mentalities can harm your team’s chances of winning.

And there they are, our Arena of Valor Tips and Tricks. Be sure to stay tuned to the site for more guides just like this!

For more esports news, visit: https://www.esportsguide.com/news.

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