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About us

About Us

Hello and Welcome to esportsguide gamers!

Let’s face it, there’s always been a competitive spirit in anyone and everyone who appreciates a good game. This competitiveness shines through, whether you’re part of the playing team or one of the thousands cheering on within an audience. In more recent years, there has been a HUGE boom within the sphere of competitive gaming, particularly with multiplayer online games which concentrate on player-versus-player combat. Thus, the growth of esports happened organically.

It’s really no wonder how the industry has grown exponentially, reaching a much wider audience. This, in turn, has resulted in millions of viewers – including more potential esports stars, feeding the establishments presenting tournaments worldwide. Between sponsors and tournament prize pools, highly-skilled players are now able to earn a living with their gaming skills, just like professional athletes make a living off their expertise in a particular sport.

Esports is an ever-evolving and increasingly popular segment in both gaming and sports industries alike. Ever since the world-renowned live streaming video platform Twitch was launched (back in 2011), the cumulative rise of esports has been nothing short of monumental.

Enter Esportsguide: a site which emerged from passion and necessity. As a group of dedicated esports fans ourselves, we spotted a gap in the market and decided to create that missing link. As a result, we launched an international service that guarantees we, and millions of esports enthusiasts around the world, are always up-to-date with esports events. And the best part? All the action can be enjoyed through a single website!

We deliver real-time stream listings and online sources to watch esports events. The list covers multiple esports matches broadcasted globally. To ensure full access to all our users, we’ve made sure to provide a platform that’s available on desktop and fully-optimized for mobile use.

Every user of Esportsguide.com can review stream listings that can be adjusted to their personal preferences – features such as esports, teams, leagues and tournaments are fully customizable. Users can also set alerts and receive notifications about their favorite esports.

What’s more, Esportsguide.com even offers a free widget feature, which can be embedded on any website – letting our users choose listings, as well as the colors and size of the displayed widget.

Driven by the success of our globally-recognized products of TV sport guides in Sweden (TVmatchen.nu), Norway (TVkampen.com), Denmark (TVsporten.dk), Germany (TVsportguide.de) and the UK (TVsportguide.com), we wanted to use our expertise and ensure that no esports fan will ever miss any match again.

Our platform is owned by Raketech Group PLC, a leading iGaming affiliate and content marketing company that manages media websites across Europe. The company follows a clear framework for responsible practices and guides both sports and gaming enthusiasts to the best possible services available on the market.

We hope you’ll join us on our exciting journey into the world of esports. In the meantime, remember to enjoy the games and always play responsibly.