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League of Legends Tips and Tricks – A Practical Guide


12 Oct 2020

Gabriel Sciberras

Here at esportsguide, we strive to educate our readers and guide them on all aspects of esports. While we’ve tackled topics in content pieces such as our State of the Community and Understanding the Industry articles, there’s so much more. Indeed, read on for our LoL Tips and Tricks, where we try to help you improve your game.

Specifically, we’ll be focusing on titles which esportsguide offers coverage over – the largest esports in the world. In this first episode, we’re looking at the popular MOBA, League of Legends.

Mechanical Skills

Like any other MOBA, movement involves operating the mouse and clicking where you wish for your champion to proceed. Naturally, you’ll want to control the distance maintained between yourself and opponents, maintaining a balance between being passive and over-aggressive. Take the following highlight reel as an example:

Credits: Kaza LoL LCS Highlights/Worlds 2020

This is where the skill of kiting may develop. This essential technique involves an incredible number of precise mouse clicks in order to maintain this perfect distance in all situations. Indeed, this applies to aggression, defense, late and pre-game. Notably, understanding your champion’s movement speed and characteristic is essential here.

Here are some tips:

  • Have a plan against the specific enemy champion
  • Use distance effectively to trade during encounters
  • Stutter stepping
  • Enable the Auto-Attack Move to strike at the longest distance possible
  • Bait aggressive players and maintain your own patience
LoL Tips and Tricks Gameplay
Credits: Riot Games

Watching competitive play, you’ll notice that professionals never stop moving. That’s why it’s part of our LoL Tips and Tricks. Mechanically, having a sound reaction speed and full mastery over all of your inputs will help too.

In-Game Knowledge and Awareness

In-Game knowledge and awareness is definitely more important in competitive MOBAs – intelligence is everything. We’ll show you why thanks to the following array of LoL Tips and Tricks as shown below:

  • Warding – especially for Support players, it’s essential to ward where you’d like to have vision on the map for your team
  • Knowing the information of champions – teammates, lane and general opponents
  • Building your own pool of champions – in order to climb ranks, it’s pivotal to be able to adapt to every situation with a calculated choice of champion.
LoL Tips and Tricks Patch Notes Examle
  • Being wary of power spikes – knowing when champions are at their most dangerous
  • Involving yourself in teamfights/ganks when optimal
  • Utilizing the correct items at the right time depending on the situation and your champion
  • Managing resources: gold and mana
  • Making the most of runes and summoner spells
  • Map awareness and understanding pings
  • Keeping up with the meta and patches
  • Adapting to how the game progresses – pre-game, mid-game and late-game all offer their own strategies apart from defence and offence.

This is what makes MOBA’s the pinnacle of the esports industry. No other genre lays out so much information for the player to know. Players need to study champion characteristics inside out – to know their weaknesses and strengths.

Credits: Riot Games

Together with the champions, the endless variables of runes, items, summoner spells make becoming better quite tough at first. We recommend working on what you’re struggling with first and trying to widen your horizons as you progress.

Personal and Interpersonal – LoL Tips and Tricks

Due to the way LoL can fluctuate through patches and meta-shifts, it can get frustrating to constantly adapt. Beyond that, it is, above anything, a team game. Which is why the following personal and interpersonal LoL Tips and Tricks are worth considering:

  • Working on your attitude – do not play simply for the rank. Play to learn, to help others learn and to be receptive to feedback. Like this you’re sure to learn.
  • Make the right plays – perfect play every time? No, but to experiment constantly in order to allow for more flexible decision making.
  • Communicating with teammates – offering essential and relevant information
  • Taking a loss – sometimes a loss isn’t entirely your fault with so many roles. Just make sure to focus on what you are doing and help out as you can
Credits: LoL Esports Flickr
  • Warm-up before ranked – don’t jump into ranked sessions without first warming up and expect results
  • If possible, play with teammates who you can discuss games with afterwards in order to learn appropriately
  • Take breaks, maintain a positive attitude and stop when overly frustrated
  • Learn from the professionals and regularly watch top tier events

Those are our Tips and Tricks for League of Legends! We hope you find that helpful to both increasing your rank and appreciation for the esport too.

For more esports news and future Tips and Tricks: visit: https://www.esportsguide.com/.

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