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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG – as it’s better known, is a multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. Every player or team (depending on the game mode) strives to be the last one standing.Up to 100 players can participate in a game and each must quickly explore the sprawling environment for weapons and other resources in order to eliminate opponents whilst at the same time avoid being eliminated. The play area is gradually reduced in size while the game progresses, much a like Fortnite, which is in direct competition with PUBG.


This game was based on mods for other games that were originally developed by Brendan Greene, who is more famously known by his online handle PlayerUnknown. PUBG itself was launched to the general public at the end of 2017, and its availability on numerous platforms (including Windows, Xbox, iOS and Android, with a port for PS4 also becoming available) helped the game to become one of the biggest in history according to the number of units sold.


The game begins with characters being parachuted into the world without anything other than the clothes they are wearing.

They must then scavenge the environment looking for weapons, armour, vehicles and other items that will help them to eliminate other players, and they must also take care to avoid their own elimination.


As the game progresses, players are warned that certain areas of the map will soon be destroyed, and when that happens, the areas concerned are taken out of commission. Periodically, loot boxes are dropped into the game, attracting numerous players to specific areas and creating particularly frantic skirmishes. When there is just one player or team left alive, the game ends, with the sole survivor(s) being declared the winner(s).

Tournament History

The first Battlegrounds Invitational tournament took place at Gamescom in the summer of 2017, with a prize pool of $350,000 and in 2018 the first Global Loot League (GLL) Grand Final was held in Bucharest. That Series 1 Grand Final offered a prize pool of $50,000, with a first prize of $15,000 for the winner.


A GLL Season 2 Grand Final held in Sweden in August 2018 offered a prize pool of $100,000 and a first prize of $40,000, and the same sums were offered in a GLL Season 3 Grand Final, which was also held in Sweden, in December 2018. Whether you enjoy PlayerUnknown’s Battleground as a player or to watch PUBG matches as a spectator, you can follow the latest developments and keep up with the PUBG schedule right here at Esportsguide. Stay tuned at Esportsguide to keep up to date with all live and upcoming matches.


You can read more info about this game in the PUBG Guide.


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