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Tips and Tricks

Mechanical Skill

As a mobile counterpart of the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Mobile will offer similar demands to players. The stark difference is the platform – a mobile one. In a battle royale such as this one, managing your inventory is quick and easy with a keyboard. A touch screen simply changes everything.

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Do note that our tips here will be similar to other mobile titles such as Arena of Valor.

Here are some tips for this mobile battle royale title:

  • Unlike AoV, it’s not recommended to ever play with the mobile device flat on a surface. You’ll need to use your thumbs for precise control when aiming in all situations. Also, you might even consider purchasing an external controller – though it’s not recommended.
  • Why is it not recommended? Inventory management. This is the main challenge of a touchscreen and indeed, you’ll have to touch the screen here in order to drag and move items in and out. Most likely, you’ll have to perform such tasks in high-pressure situations. Ensure that you know where you’re tapping to the point of robotics.
  • As your thumbs are in constant contact with a glass or plastic screen which will likely heat up with time – sliding is possible. Sweaty thumbs will severely cost you during gunfights so make sure to take regular breaks when possible.
  • Master your aim and movement. It goes without saying that like any other shooter, you’ll want to have the best aim and movement possible to make the best of any gunfight. Such skills will take hours to earn should you be willing to put in the effort.

In-Game Knowledge and Awareness

The difficulty in battle royale for competitors is finding consistency. Each and every time, you’ll be encountering new situations, different enemy players, varying locations and items in your inventory. Despite all the mechanical skill in the world, in-game knowledge and awareness is simply more important.

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Credits: Tencent

Read on for our In-Game Knowledge and Awareness section of our PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks:

  • Following our last mechanical tip of managing your aim, players also need to learn to judge distance successfully. Wherever you choose to point your aim needs to consider the bullet drop involved – this comes with experience.
  • Knowing the maps. In battle royales, playing the same map over and over again implies that most players ‘know’ the map. However, it’s usually superficial as players tend to develop the habit of landing in the same five spots. In order to step up your game, you need to know every single corner of the map to avoid any surprises during ranked play.
  • Pick up the right items – don’t waste inventory space on inferior or useless weapons. Bearing that in mind, you’ll need to judge certain risks – should you pick up that strong weapon and risk being in the open with no cover while doing so?
  • Manage your inventory so that during gunfights you don’t mess up. Specifically, situations such as running out of ammo, having no health packs and using the wrong gun don’t happen. These could easily ruin a game and your day at the same time.
  • Map positioning – when viewing the closing circle, try predict where it’ll end.
  • Use vehicles – many players often fear using vehicles as they attract attention. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to use them when you have to.
  • Keep up to date with the meta and competitive scene for more tips and strategies.

Personal and Interpersonal – PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Battle Royale’s can be frustrating due to the random nature of it all. Following a victory, you can easily place dead last by landing badly and being caught with no weapon. Here are some more PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks:

  • Do not take unwarranted risks – playing your life too often won’t end very well. All the time spent looting and positioning will be wasted should you be too greedy and take on too many opponents. Pick fights which you have a clear advantage in either through better positioning, weapons or items.
  • Work with your team by providing information, sharing loot and reviving them when possible. There will be stressful situations where you’ll have to choose between reviving a teammate or not – make sure to think clearly in these moments.
  • Don’t play if irritated or stress as this will impair your focus
  • Learn from any mistakes and understand why you lost each gunfight after a game

That’s all – we hope you enjoyed our PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks. More guides are coming up soon!


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