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Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks – A Practical Guide


23 Oct 2020

Gabriel Sciberras

In the past two episodes of Tips and Tricks, we’ve covered the Tier 1 esports titles of League of Legends and DOTA 2. Indeed, MOBAs are a massive part of the industry. Accordingly, in this episode, we’ll be offering our very own Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks for your very own personal use!

Mechanical Skills

Unlike MOBAs, a tactical defusal first-person-shooter such as Rainbow Six Siege carries a stronger focus on mechanical skills. Naturally, there is an imperative focus on mechanical aim, to have an incredible connection between your wrist and aim. Headshots in Rainbow Six Siege are essential to winning gunfights, as all are one-shot kills.

Credits: Ubisoft

Beyond pure repetition, here are some other Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks to bear in mind:

  • Experiment with sensitivity – with how important good aim is, adjusting dpi and other tweaks can make a world of difference
  • Utilizing the leaning function – looking around corners with just your head popping out reduces your chance of getting caught running
  • Improve your aim with aim training software too – dedicating regular time can assist in this regard
  • Pre-firing corners – with how quickly you can die, using knowledge while knowing when to pre-fire a corner is essential
  • Mastering movement – fluid change in direction and manoeuvring through maps perfectly is essential in game-defining moments

In-Game Knowledge and Awareness

Bearing those in mind, proper aim and movement will only get you so far in a tactical shooter. In fact, in-game awareness is just as, if not more, important. Mastering strategies and other factors to your gameplay is essential. Here are some pointers below:

Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks
Credits: Ubisoft
  • Get thoroughly familiar with maps. This includes knowing the best strategies on offence and defense in any situation. This comes into play in knowing where to place trap, cameras and other utilities.
  • Build a pool of agents – know the strengths of each agent and how to counter each one. Making the most of your agent and playing your role well is essential in competition.
  • Make use of sprint when necessary – weigh whether it’s worth making noise
  • Watch the in-game tutorials – three tutorials which point out the essentials of the title
  • Keep up to date with the meta changes, understanding agent and map changes
  • Play custom games and develop go-to strategies in certain situations to minimize surprises in-game, instead of relying on practice
  • Stay up to date with the competitive scene and watch competitive games

Personal and Interpersonal – Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks

Credits: Ubisoft

Some of the most memorable moments in tactical shooters are the most stressful. Oftentimes, players are put in unwinnable or difficult situations, being a man down or away from the objective. It’s in these moments that the personal and interpersonal tips and tricks come into play. Read on for some of them:

  • Improved call-outs; maintaining your heart rate and making clear callouts while also taking in teammates’ input is essential
  • Having the ‘clutch factor’ – the ability to make the right plays at the right time to execute an incredible win. Remaining calm is ideal, while making use of in-game knowledge and keeping your aim straight.
  • Learn from your teammates and enemies – if a certain role is a touch unsuitable for your personality, try different agents out while learning from why it wasn’t easy to manage

As a Tier 1 esport, competitive Rainbow Six Siege is visceral and incredibly strategic. Another tip outside of those mentioned is to gain as many frames-per-second as possible through your PC and to have an ideal internet connection – together with our tips, you’re good to go.

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