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Overwatch (sometimes abbriviated as OW) is a first-person shooter game, in which two teams of 6 players each compete to achieve a stated game objective, such as attacking their opponent’s control points whilst defending their own. Presented in a comic-book/cartoon graphic style, it’s just as much fun to watch OW matches as it is to participate in them and it’s one of the factors why the game has become a popular title in the esports scene.


Each player selects one character from an available group of heroes. The heroes belong to one of three categories known as Damage, Support and Tank, each of which serves a primary role of inflicting damage, supporting the team or defend/take damage from opponents.

Tournament History

The lengthy and fairly public pre-launch of Overwatch helped the game to establish itself as an early popular esports event, with the first Overwatch esports competitions taking place in 2016. Blizzard Entertainment itself organised the Overwatch World Cup, and the first tournament in that series was held at BlizzCon in 2016.


That first Overwatch World Cup tournament featured 16 teams and attracted around 100,000 viewers. Just one year later at BlizzCon in 2017, there were 32 participating teams and Twitch streams of the events notched up more than five million views.


The number of teams was reduced to 24 for the 2018 Overwatch World Cup but the excitement didn’t decline one bit, and a standalone Overwatch viewer application was released to allow people to watch OW matches in an interactive spectator mode.

A new Overwatch League was announced by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016, and the first season started in January 2018, offering more than $3.5 million in prize money. The prize pool for the 2019 season is even larger $5 million.


Overwatch tournaments have had an exciting past and look certain to deliver even more excitement in the future. Stay tuned at Esportsguide to keep up to date with all live and upcoming matches.


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