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Worlds Main Stage Day 2 Preview – Keeping Up the Pace


7 Oct 2022

Gabriel Sciberras

With Day 1 of the Main Stage starting in the next few hours, we thought we’d quickly take a look at the next action. Accordingly, read on as we preview the Worlds Main Stage Day 2 sets of matches below!

Worlds Main Stage Day 2 – Keeping Up the Pace

Credits: LoL Esports Twitter

Indeed, Day 2 brings just the same level of excitement as Day 1. With the same number of matches, the goal is to keep up the pace with the Group Stage matches.

Bearing this in mind, find the schedule for the Day 2 matches, in the timezone of CEST below:

8th October 2022

  • Rogue vs DRX (23:00)

9th October 2022

  • EG vs G2 Esports (00:00)
  • Fnatic vs T1 (01:00)
  • EDward Gaming vs Cloud9 (02:00)
  • TES vs GAM (03:00)
  • DK vs JDG (04:00)
Credits: LoL Esports Twitter

Right now, it’s too early to predict how the groups will shape up.

Bearing this in mind, teams are doing their best to get in the best spot possible before moving on. Note that teams will compete in a double round robin, where each team will face one another twice.

We’ll be sure to stay up to date with the event in the coming days!

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