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PUBG Mobile Global Championship – Day 2 Recap


25 Nov 2020

Nathan Bonello

Today we saw the 2nd day of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship where the teams continued accumulating points that they had from the 1st Day. In this article we’ll be covering all the action that happened in Day 2 of Week 1.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship – Match Briefing

Round 7

In the 7th round we saw the Four Angry Men gaining some points as they placed 1st with an exceptional amount of 14 kills. Close in 2nd came team Aerowolf LIMAX which got 7 eliminations, and in 3rd was team Abrupt Slayers with only 4 kills.

Round 8

In the eight round, A7 Esports shook the leaderboards after getting their 2nd chicken dinner with 9 eliminations. Jin placed 2nd with 6 kills and Execute Esports placed 3rd with just 2 kills.

Round 9

Round 9 was the beginning of a strong showing from the renown Bigetron RA team as they got their first win, and ended with 14 kills. Godsent came in 2nd with 3 kills and in 3rd we saw a familiar team in Aerowolf LIMAX achieving 3 kills.

Round 10

With regards to the 10th round we had team KoninaPower getting their first win of the event, and ending the match with 11 kills. POWER888 KPS placed 2nd with 3 kills and Abrupt Slayers came in 3rd with a surprising amount of 10 kills.

Round 11

In the 11th round we saw the 2nd chicken dinner coming through for team Bigetron RA as they won the match with another huge amount of 13 kills. Jin placed 2nd with a disappointing amount of 0 kills and we saw another good 3rd placement from Abrupt Slayers, however this time it was only 4 kills.

Round 12

For the Final round of the day we had another victory secured by team Bigetron RA, ending the match with 10 kills. A strong showing from POWER888 KPS resulted in them getting 2nd place with 14 kills, and in third we had team Aerowolf LIMAX with 4 kills.

Current Leaderboard Rankings 

  • BTR RA – 110
  • Loops – 103
  • FTB – 90
  • AW LIMAX – 80
  • A7 – 78
  • Secret – 77
  • 4AM – 73
  • NOVA – 71
  • KP – 67
  • RRQ Ath – 66
  • AS – 61
  • TSJ – 06
  • EXE – 57
  • Klas DA – 55
  • PW88 – 55
  • BLUE BEES – 53
  • Na`Vi – 51
  • ZEUS – 49
  • GOD – 41
  • ArC – 36
  • DRS – 27
  • TU – 26
  • A1 – 18
  • EUT – 11

This Friday we have the Super Weekend taking off, which consists of the top 16 teams during week-1. Some key teams to look out for are probably: Bigetron RA, Team Secret, A7 Esports and Four Angry Men.

Day 2 was less hectic than Day 1, and more one-sided as Bigetron completely dominated rounds 9-12.

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