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Team BDS win RLCS X Winter European Major


22 Feb 2021

Nathan Bonello

Earlier this week we covered the How To Watch article for the Major, but this past weekend we saw a splendid performance and a great result from Team BDS as they got to win the RLCS X Winter European Major. Here’s how it all went down:

Finals Standings + Winnings at RLCS X Winter European Major

  • 1st – $36,000 – Team BDS
  • 2nd – $18,000 – Team Vitality
  • 3rd – $12,000 – Dignitas
  • 4th – $10,000 – Guild Esports
  • 5th-6th – $5,000 – Top Blokes
  • 5th-6th – $5,000 – Oxygen Esports
  • 7th-8th – $3,000 – Team Singularity
  • 7th-8th – $3,000 – Galaxy Racer
  • 9th – $2,000 – Giants Gaming
  • 10th – $2,000 – Endpoint
  • 11th – $2,000 – Rix.GG
  • 12th – $2,000 – Team Queso

How did they do it?

Due to their current point ranking, Team BDS was already placed into the Winners Quarterfinals. Here they met with team Galaxy Racer, and beat them 3-1 to get into the Winners Semifinals. This is where they matched up against the strong team of Vitality, which gave them a challenge in their best of 7 series. In the end, Team BDS were stronger and won that series 4-3.

With that win, they progressed onto the Winners Finals versus the fearsome Dignitas squad. Despite being one of the favourites at the RLCS X Winter European Major, Dignitas fell short and lost 4-1. In the meantime, Team Vitality was slowly climbing up the ranks of the lower bracket, and eventually made it into the Grand Final.

Grand Final

With both teams ready as ever to take the title, the Grand Final took off. Vitality started it all with a win of their own, where BDS fired back rapidly. Vitality answered back with 2 of their own, and were sitting at series and tournament point. However Team BDS did all they could to bounce back, and somehow won 3 straight games in a row to be crowned as winners of the Winter European Major. This is how it ended:

The RLCS X Winter European Major was an excellent showing of the talent that Europe has when it comes to Rocket League. Team BDS have been on a streak of victories since 2021 started, and we can’t wait to see a whole lot more of them in the events to come!

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