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SwordArt Leaving Suning – Off to TSM?


25 Nov 2020

Gabriel Sciberras

Indeed, here at esportsguide we’re neck-deep in rostermania. Specifically, competitive League of Legends is witnessing numerous changes. Even the top teams in the scene are making changes, and that includes Suning. The grand finalist team is, in fact, making a change. Read on to learn how SwordArt leaving Suning makes things interesting!

Credits: Suning Twitter

Playing the support role for the strong side of Suning, Hu “SwordArT” Shou-Chieh is officially now a free agent. Having joined the side back in 2018, he’s been a fundamental piece of the LPL side. Indeed, his career as been transcending since, with his grand final placement at Worlds acting as his best achievement so far.

Accordingly, it’s easy to imagine that such a successful player is being sought out by many teams. Multiple sources have linked this announcement with a potential move to TSM. This is likely due to the fact that “Doublelift” from the North American side has expressed a desire to work with him.

The Worlds 2020 Trophy
Credits: LoL Esports Flickr

Although speculation, the competitive community is anticipating a massive move such as this one. SwordArt leaving Suning gives every team the opportunity to add a fully accomplished support player to their roster.

Here at esportsguide, we agree with the general idea that a transfer to TSM could be epic.

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