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Olofmeister returning to FaZe lineup


15 Jun 2021

Nathan Bonello

It has been made public that legendary CS:GO player Olofmeister is returning to the FaZe lineup. Here is their announcement:

Olof’s recent inactivity

As you might have seen in the past events this year, Olofmeister hasn’t been active when it comes to CS:GO tournaments. He took a break back in May of 2020, and later on he revealed his return to temporarily join the roster in October. After a couple of months, Karrigan returned to FaZe Clan, and he took Olof’s place on the squad. For a period, it was rumoured that Olofmeister was planning to retire, but this was not the case apparently. Now Olofmeister is returning to the squad on a more permanent basis, pairing up with newcomer Twistzz.

Here are some of Olof’s best results with FaZe:

  • 1st in ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 – 13th October 2017 – $500,000
  • First at ECS Season 4 Finals – 17th December 2017 – $250,000
  • 1st at Epicenter 2018 – 28th October 2018 – $150,000

Olofmeister returning to FaZe lineup – What does it mean?

This FaZe lineup stacked with talented fraggers, and with a great mind like Karrigan, this team can certainly deliver some great results. Unfortunately this roster change meant that Coldzera’s benching took place in order for the Swede to take his place. Coldzera’s future is yet to be determined as nothing regarding his future has been revealed.

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