Olofmeister departs FaZe Clan and takes break from CS:GO

A few days ago, Kjaerbye and Gla1ve announced that they will be stepping down from their main rosters due to either some sort of sickness or overall health. Another well-known player to announce his departure from his team was none other than the legendary Olofmeister.

The primary reason for his departure is because he has been feeling extremely fatigued and that he has lost tremendous motivation to improve himself and his team.

We’re seeing a lot of players drop out of their main rosters because of health and motivation, and the current health situation isn’t really helping. Sure there may be less travel, but events don’t feel the same as they are offline than they are currently, in an online setting.

FaZe have announced that the Lithuanian player Bymas will be standing in for the time being. 16 year-old Bymas is not very experienced when it comes to being a professional player in CS:GO. His best achievement as of right now is the 1st place he managed to grab during FACEIT Pro League, cashing in a total amount of $4,500 in prize pool.\

FaZe’s star player NiKo had this to say on their most recent pickup:

“There’s this guy Bymas from FPL who really surprised me. I watched him a couple of times and I think he’s pretty good and a pretty versatile player. He’s not going to be in the Top 20 next year, but I believe he’s going to be a big thing. I believe he has the potential to make it to the top and do some good things.”

With this change, FaZe will definitely struggle in the first few weeks, but they’re sure to come back stronger than ever in the coming months. Will we see Olofmeister returning to Counter-Strike, or will he choose to retire?

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