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M80 Rainbow Six Siege Roster 2023 – Acquiring Former XSET Team


24 Dec 2022

Gabriel Sciberras

Over the past few months, the XSET Rainbow Six Siege team has performed rather well in North America. However, the team was disbanded last year. Yet, that all changes as the M80 Rainbow Six Siege roster has found a new squad.

M80 Rainbow Six Siege Roster – Great Signing

Credits: M80 Twitter

M80? Yes, you’ve probably never heard of this roster. Indeed, the new North American esports organization is only in its beginning, and wanted to invest in Rainbow Six Siege.

Accordingly, the availability of an entire proven roster was a great opportunity – here’s the former XSET team below:

  • Lucas “DiasLucasBr” Dias
  • Arthur “GMZ” Oliviera
  • Leonardo “Kyno” Figueiredo
  • Zachary “SpiriTz” Dionne
  • Evan “Yoggah” Nelson
Credits: ESL

Heading into this upcoming season, we’re not sure whether this roster will compete in the North American League or move to the South American league.

Regardless, they’re in a good spot to place well and build on their legacy from the past year:

  • 4th @ NAL Season 2022
  • 8th @ NAL Season 2022 Stage 3
  • 3-4th @ Six Berlin Major 2022
  • 4th @ NAL – Season 2022 Stage 2
  • 5-6th @ Six Charlotte Major 2022

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