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How to Watch LCS Championship 2022: teams, format, schedule, streams, predictions


16 Aug 2022

Gabriel Sciberras

After a very exciting season of competition, North American LoL is looking to conclude before Worlds 2022. Accordingly, the LCS 2022 Championship is kicking off within the upcoming days. Read on to learn how to watch this awesome event!

Event Background

Over the past few months, the 10 franchised teams have fought for a chance to reach the LCS 2022 Championship event. Notably, only the top 8 teams from the Group Stage would make it to the Playoffs.

Credits: LCS Twitter

Accordingly, with the regular season completed, we have our 8 teams competing for the coveted seeds for Worlds 2022:

  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • Cloud9
  • Team Liquid
  • FlyQuest
  • Evil Geniuses
  • 100 Thieves
  • TSM
  • Golden Guardians

Running from 20th August all the way to 11th September, the competition will also feature a prize pool of $200,000.

From the 8 teams competing, only the top 3 teams will qualify for Worlds 2022. Only the top 2 will directly qualify to the Main Competition while 3rd will be sent to the Play-Ins.

Let’s learn more about the format below!


Credits: LCS Twitter

With regards to the format, it’s rather simple. Specifically, just like the years before, a double elimination bracket will go down with BO5 matches to sort out the competition.

Bearing this in mind, here are the seeded matches for the bracket:

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9
  • Team Liquid vs FlyQuest

Upper Bracket Semifinals

  • Evil Geniuses vs TBD
  • 100 Thieves vs TBD
Credits: LCS Twitter

Lower Bracket Round 1

  • TSM vs TBD
  • Golden Guardians vs TBD

For those unaware, a double elimination bracket implies that teams have two lifelines from the Upper Bracket. Moreover, a loss in the Upper Bracket means that a team falls to the Lower Bracket.

Then a loss here results in that team being eliminated from the competition. At the end, one team from the Upper Bracket and from the Lower Bracket will meet in the Grand Final.

Notably, the advantage for the Upper Bracket team is that less matches are needed to be played to make it to the Grand Final.

Schedule for the LCS Championship 2022

Credits: LCS Twitter

Witrh regards to the schedule, find the full schedule for the event below, all in the CEST time zone:

August 20th 2022

  • Team Liquid vs FlyQuest (22:00)

August 21st 2022

  • CLG vs Cloud9 (21:30)

August 25th 2022

  • TSM vs TBD (23:30)

August 26th 2022

  • GG vs TBD (23:30)

August 27th

  • 100 Thieves vs TBD (22:30)

August 28th

  • Evil Geniuses vs TBD (21:30)

For an updated schedule with the remaining undetermined matches, we highly recommend visiting the official Twitter page.

Watch the LCS Championship 2022 on esportsguide

You can also watch the LCS 2022 Championship live stream via our very own website. Providing an extensive list of the biggest esports together with streams for each esports match live today or upcoming matches.


Credits: LCS Twitter

So, first let’s take a look at the standings from the LCS Summer 2022 below:

  • #1 – Evil Geniuses – 15-3
  • #2 – 100 Thieves – 14-4
  • #3 – Team Liquid – 12-6
  • #4 – Counter Logic Gaming – 11-7
  • #5 – Cloud9 – 11-8
  • #6 – FlyQuest – 10-9
  • #7 – TSM – 6-12
  • #8 – Golden Guardians – 5-13

Last split, LCS Spring 2022, we saw a similar situation and Evil Geniuses came out on top.

Accordingly, with 100 Thieves as the second seed again, they hope to replicate their performance from LCS Summer 2021 – where they managed to win it all.

For more esports news, visit: https://www.esportsguide.com/news

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