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How to Watch Garena Challengers Series Spring 2023 – teams, format, schedule, streams, predictions


18 Feb 2023

Gabriel Sciberras

Overall, since the last international event, competitive Arena of Valor is finally returning. Accordingly, the Garena Challengers Series Spring 2023 looks to kick off the regional action in Taiwan. Read on to learn How to Watch this exciting event in the coming week!

Event Background

For those unaware, the Garena Challengers Series event is hosted exclusively for Taiwan. Accordingly, hosted every year, this year is another season to look forward to, helping determine local hierarchy and seeding.

Credits: Garena

Bearing this in mind, the top teams in Taiwan are taking part as listed below:

  • Hong Kong Attitude
  • ONE Team
  • Deep Cross Gaming
  • Most Outstanding Player
  • Flash Wolves
  • Bikertopia Esports

Taking place offline in Taipei, Taiwan, there’s a total of $150,000 of prize on the line for these teams. Running between 25th February and 29th April, the event will also provide seeds for an unannounced international tournament!


With regards to the format, there are two stages of competition. Firstly, the Group Stage will take place between February 25th and April 9th.

AoV World Cup 2021
Credits; Garena

In this stage, a double round robin will take place where all 6 teams will compete in one group. For those unaware, a double round robin implies that each team plays one another twice, in BO5 matches.

From here, only the top 4 will progress to the Playoffs.

Specifically, with the Playoffs taking place between 15th and 29th April, a double elimination bracket will decide the competition. Following all BO7 matches, an overall regional champion will be crowned.

Schedule for the Garena Challengers Series Spring 2023

Moreover, when it comes to the schedule, we can look forward to the first two weeks of competition as listed below in the CET timezone:

Week 1

February 25th 2023

  • Bikertopia Esports vs Flash Wolves (08:00)
  • ONE Team vs Deep Cross Gaming (10:30)

February 26th

  • ONE Team vs Hong Kong Attitude (08:00)
  • Most Outstanding Player vs Deep Cross Gaming (10:30)
Credits: Garena

Week 2

March 4th 2023

  • Bikertropia Esports vs Most Outstanding Player (08:00)
  • Hong Kong Attitude vs Flash Wolves (10:30)

March 5th 2023

  • ONE Team vs Most Outstanding Player (08:00)
  • Bikertropia Esports vs Deep Cross Gaming (10:30)

For the remainder of the schedule, take alook at the YouTube channel for more updates!

Watch the Garena Challengers Series Spring on esportsguide

You can also watch the Garena Challengers Series Spring 2023 live stream via our very own website. Providing an extensive list of the biggest esports together with streams for each esports match live today or upcoming matches.


When it comes to the predictions, let’s take a look at the Garena Challengers Series Summer of last year.

Bearing this in mind, here are the standings of the Summer 2022 event:

  • #1 – Bikertropia Esports
  • #2 – Flash Wolves
  • #3 – MAD Team
  • #4 – ONE Team
  • #5 – Hong Kong Attitude
  • #6 – Most Outstanding Player

Otherwise, Taiwan continues to be one of the top regions in the world for competitive Arena of Valor compared to other regions. Last year, three teams from this region were seeded to APL 2022.

At this global event, Biketropia Esports placed 3rd compared to other teams – can they continue their impressive performance which they’ve maintained since last year?

For more esports news, visit: https://www.esportsguide.com/news

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