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Heroic choosing to keep Hunden despite coach ban


30 Sep 2020

Nathan Bonello

Heroic have just announced that they are choosing to keep Hunden as Head Coach of their CS:GO team, despite his lengthy coach ban. Here is their announcement:

Heroic choosing to keep Hunden – Why?

Hunden joined Heroic as a coach back in April, where he was tasked with helping this lineup of danish players rise to the top. In these past few months, he has assisted the team extremely well, and this is very clear when you look at their recent results. 1st in LOOT.BET/CS Season 6, and most recently, 1st at ESL One: Cologne 2020 Online – Europe. Hunden has become a huge part of this Heroic roster, and parting ways with such an experienced player and coach, simply does not make sense.

Here is what Heroic CEO, Erik Askered has said about the situation:

“As earlier mentioned, Nicolai’s mistake does not reflect the values or standards Heroic holds or wants to promote, but a mistake is a mistake. We all make them. After all, Hunden is our boy. We love him and he has so much to give this sport, that losing him would neither benefit Heroic, himself, or the pro scene. Our focus will now be to maintain the ranking we have fought hard for, and continue proving the world how good we are.”


Teams keeping banned coaches – Does it make sense?

Due to the current health situation around the world, CS:GO will probably be sticking to the online cs era for a little while longer. This means that despite the coaches getting banned, there is no feasible way for an admin or tournament organizer to track whether a coach is aiding the team in some way or another. Of course the banned coaches will not be allowed to join the official server via Coach spot, but there are still many other ways of how a coach can help their team perform.

All in all, teams keeping their coaches makes sense, especially those teams that have recently found a lot of success. It wouldn’t make sense to take one big piece out of a puzzle, as that would not only disrupt the team’s performance, but might lead to more concerning issues in the near future.

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