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TSM reportedly forming a VALORANT academy roster


2 Aug 2021

Nathan Bonello

According to some, TSM are reportedly forming a VALORANT academy roster. Here is all you need to know:

TSM VALORANT Academy team – Why?

As stated in the above tweet by George Geddes, “The team will likely serve as a back-up to the main roster.” As already established, North America is filled with talented players. And what a great opportunity it would be for TSM to garner these talented individuals and develop them into proper athletes.

In recent months TSM has made a couple of changes to their main lineup due to disappointing results. They have benched reltuC, as well as drone, and parted ways with coach Tailored. As replacements, TSM brought on Chet as their new coach, and young player Bang to fill in a spot. TSM are yet to announce their permanent 5th.


We’ve seen something similar happen with the T1 roster previously. With their recently implemented changes to the squad, they have brought back Brax, and they have promoted Dawn from the academy squad. We can’t say what could happen with TSM, but T1 have shown tremendous progress since making their switches.

This is going to be an exciting time for TSM, as they further expand their involvement with Riot Games. We’ll be sure to keep you notified as soon as TSM reveal their full lineup!

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