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TI10 Day 5 Recap – OG Knocked Down To Losers


13 Oct 2021

Gabriel Sciberras

Apart from Worlds 2021, we also have The International as one of the top esports events in the world! Here, we’ve reached deep into the bracket play. Yesterday we witnessed the first round of competition in the bracket – read on for your TI10 Day 5 Recap!

TI10 Day 5 Recap – Deeper into the Bracket

Credits: The International Twitter

At this point, everything’s high stakes. Here are all of the results from the first round of competition!

  • Evil Geniuses vs Elephant (1-0)
  • Forward Gaming vs Aster (1-0)
  • Secret vs OG (2-0)
  • beastcoast vs Alliance (0-1)
  • Undying vs Fnatic (0-1)
  • invictus Gaming vs TSpirit (2-1)

Just like that, we have 4 teams already eliminated from the competition while the remaining teams are continuing onwards.

Making the headlines, it’s the legendary OG organization falling short in the first round due to a loss against the likes of Team Secret. Besides that match, all the others consisted of close 2-1 scorelines.

Accordingly, we have the following matches to look forward to on Day 6:

Upper Bracket:

  • Invictus Gaming vs Team Secret
  • PSG.LGD vs Virtus.pro
Credits: The International Twitter

Lower Bracket:

  • Team Spirit vs Fnatic
  • OG vs Quincy Crew
  • T1 vs Alliance
  • Vici Gaming vs Evil Geniuses

We can’t wait to see how everything boils down.

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