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The General NRG win NA RLCS X Championship


21 Jun 2021

Nathan Bonello

This weekend we had The General NRG win the NA RLCS X Championship. They took down some of the best in their region to be crowned champions. This is how it went:

Final Standings + Winnings:

  • 1st – $160,000 – The General NRG
  • 2nd – $80,000 – Spacestation Gaming
  • 3rd-4th – $52,000 – Team Envy
  • 3rd-4th – $52,000 – G2 Esports
  • 5th – $32,000 – Rogue
  • 6th – $24,000 – FaZe Clan

The General NRG win NA RLCS X Championship – How did they do it?

NRG started the tournament in the Semifinals due to their very high placement in the NA RLCS X Rankings. In fact, they finished first in the North American leaderboard, with a total of 4645 points!


Their first match was against G2 Esports, a team which had come from 2 big wins against FaZe Clan, and Rogue. NRG won the first series 4-3, G2 replied with a win of their own (4-2) and to finalize it all, NRG concluded with a 4-2 win. This victory meant that G2 were eliminated and that NRG confirmed their spot in the Grand Finals. 

Over on the upper side of the bracket was Space Station Gaming, which had just taken down Team Envy. This was a major upset as Team Envy had been performing incredibly well all season.

Grand Finals

Heading into the Grand Finals, NRG were already very positive, as they knew that they didn’t have to go through a rough battle against Team Envy. NRG’s first series was very strong, winning the first two games, losing the next two, and again, winning the final two. However the final series was much more dominant. NRG won the first 2 games, lost the third game 2-1, and then closed it out with 2 straight wins. Here’s how NRG got their win:

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