Team Liquid’s recent performance and disappointing results

Since the start of 2020, the North American CS:GO teams have been undergoing a struggle in consistency and performance. One of the teams that fell victim to this were the prestigious Team Liquid.

Liquid had an excellent 2019, despite being overshadowed by Astralis’ success, Liquid was still a major talking point whenever the number 1 team in the world was mentioned. These were their highest placements during 2019: 

Their recent results have been quite shocking to say the least, losing matches and series versus Chaos, Cloud9, Furia, and Envy. This raises a lot of doubt as to what is going wrong with the Liquid squad. Is it the in-game leading? The management behind Liquid? Or the coaching staff? Nothing can be put to blame as of yet, but it is surely a talking point as Liquid were once the best team that North America had ever seen, and the reputation is deteriorating with every event and match they play.

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