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Team Heretics LEC – Looking to Build a Spanish Team


10 Aug 2022

Gabriel Sciberras

For those unaware, Misfits Gaming has sold their spot in the LEC. Accordingly, Team Heretics LEC is the replacement starting from next season. Indeed, we’ve heard new insights following a public interview; read on to learn more!

Team Heretics LEC 2022 – Sticking to Their Roots

Credits: Team Heretics Twitter

Specifically, the co-founder of Heretics, Arnau Vidal, sat with Dexerto for a quick interview.

Anyways, our main points from the interview revolve around the intention for the team to build a roster or two to compete with the rest of Europe. Accordingly, here’s a snippet from the interview concerning this topic:

“Our initial idea is to have the two teams working together pretty closely — we’re strong believers in both European and Spanish talent, and we want to do our best to empower that.

We’re not going to have a ten-man roster, the teams will work separately, but it’s at the forefront of our minds to have the teams working together and even have some potential promotions to the LEC when the time is right and when it makes sense.” 

Credits: Dexerto Interview with Arnau Vidal, Co-Founder of Heretics
Credits: Riot Games

Notably, this strategy is becoming more common across all League of Legends franchises as teams struggle to find the perfect team immediately. Also, they have a SuperLiga roster too.

Moreover, the belief in Spanish talent could open new and exciting doors for players who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.

We recommend reading the complete interview here.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as further announcements come to light.

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