SMITE Pro League 2020 Mid-Season Recap + Patch 7.7!

The SMITE Pro League 2020 has reached its official mid-season point, with the completion of the Phase 1 Playoffs and the timely release of the Mid-Season 7.7 Update Notes. We’ll be diving into both in the following article. 

Firstly, we’ll discuss the massive Mid-Season 7.7 Update which was officially announced on the 24th June to be released mid-July. Find everything concisely listed below: 

  • New God Skins from the Avatar universe together with the announcement of the Avatar Battle Pass
  • Project Olympus – updates to Mastery Skins, Visual Updates and Vision Shard 
  • General UI and Gameplay bug fixes 
  • Balancing to Gods and Items 
  • New Joust and Duel maps 
  • Refreshing the Ranked Leaderboards: 

The Mid Season for Ranked has arrived. This marks the halfway point for the Season as a whole and the first reset of the God Leaderboards! Everyone this split will start fresh and we will soon get to see who is the best with each god! We have more Ranked adjustments and fixes in the work but needed to hold them as we continue getting them ready for everyone. While we are bummed that we are not sharing them here we cannot wait to actually get them into your hands!

  • A plethora of changes to all aspects of the game – Jungle Monsters, Buffs, Items and all characters

Overall, it’s an insanely long update and downright impressive. Feel free to take your time reading it all here:

Credit: Smite Pro League

Now, let’s take a look at the Smite Pro League 2020 and how the competition is stacking up at the end of the Phase 1 Playoffs. Below are the final standings for the six teams that made it to the Playoffs from the Phase 1 Season: 

  • (1) Ghost Gaming
  • (2) Radiance
  • (3-4) Sanguine Esports 
  • (3-4) Spacestation Gaming
  • (5-6) Pittsburgh Knights 
  • (5-6) Renegades 

The Phase 1 Playoffs were simply crazy – nothing matched up with the final placings of the season. Ghost Gaming, despite finishing third in the season, managed to muster up a phenomenal performance to beat out both Spacestation Gaming and Sanguine Esports and claim first place. Meanwhile, both of those other teams plummeted in the standings.

Credit: Smite Pro League

The same goes for Radiance who, despite nearly failing to qualify for the Playoffs, managed to surprise everybody and finish just second beneath Ghost Gaming. 

The SMITE Pro League 2020 is looking great – the Mid-Summer Update should nourish the competition further to help the competitors experiment further with their gameplay.

Until now, dates for Phase 2 haven’t surfaced yet as the competition aims to return to a LAN environment. Stay tuned to for any updates!

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