Riot Games finally reveal Valorant launch date

Riot Games have finally announced the released date of their highly anticipated Tactical First-Person Shooter, Valorant. In their latest statement, they have revealed that the game will be launching fully on the 2nd of June.

If you were lucky enough to get access to the Valorant Closed Beta, you’ve already had your fair share of playtime, as the Closed Beta has been out for more than a month. Throughout the Closed Beta we’ve already seen players that are going to thrive when the game releases, as they have mastered a major part of the game’s core gameplay. It is important to keep in mind that all statistics and progress that has been made during the closed beta, will not carry on to the launch version.

When Riot Games had released the trailer, it showed that Valorant would fully release in the Summer of 2020. They did not specify the exact date of release purposely, as they needed to work off the feedback they had to receive from the community. 

The best part about the game release is that Riot Games will also be releasing a couple of new things to the Valorant launch version that the closed beta does not have currently. It is rumored that Riot Games will be giving us:

It is rumored that the map that will be released will have a venetian theme with the map name being “Ascent”. Riot have already shown parts of the map through Valorant’s official trailer, and some leakers have managed to grab screenshots of the map.

Credit: Riot Games

With regards to the new gamemode, it is likely that the new gamemode will be similar to a regular deathmatch mode, as the community has been requesting a mode similar to this since the closed beta release.

There hasn’t been a lot of information linked to the new character, however the game has a high demand for another support and healing character, as there is only one character that provides healing at the current moment.

On the whole, we’re set for some exciting times in esports, as with the release of Riot Games’ Tactical FPS, we’ll finally have a competition between the FPS scene and have a generation of new FPS talents.

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