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PUBG Mobile Pro Tournament 2022 Structure Revealed And More!


27 Jan 2022

Gabriel Sciberras

As the PMGC 2021 closed to an end, a new season is upon us. Indeed, over the past few days, Tencent has realized a tonne of details regarding PUBG Mobile esports this year. One such topic is regarding the PUBG Mobile Pro Tournament structure for 2022 – read on to learn more!

PUBG Mobile Pro Tournament 2022 – A New Season

Everything we know so far has been announced via the PUBG Mobile Esports Twitter page. Take a look at the Tweet detailing what to expect regarding Pro Tournaments below:

Credits: PUBG Mobile Esports Twitter

Indeed, as outlined, there seems to be two halves to the season.

The first half involves the next few months. Starting with the PMPL Qualifiers, the PMPL Spring will take place sometime in March/Spring across multiple regions.

The top teams from this PMPL Spring will make it to the PMPL Spring Championship, narrowing the top regional teams who will earn a spot to the Mid-Season Championship to compete for international dominance.

Credits: PUBG Mobile Esports Twitter

Once that’s over, teams from the PMPL Spring will then be seeded into the PMPL Fall event. Indeed, this will once again be followed by another event for the top teams – PMPL Fall Championship. Accordingly, it’s here that teams have the final chance to earn a spot at PMGC 2022!

Indeed, it all gets started at the dates listed above! Accordingly, the action starts as soon as next week!

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