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PMGC 2021 Format – Splitting the Competition into East and West


25 Oct 2021

Gabriel Sciberras

The PMGC 2021, or PUBG Mobile Global Championship, is on everyone’s mind. Indeed, with $6,000,000 on the line and the best teams in the world attending, the sky is the limit for this event. Over the past few days, Tencent went public with some more details regarding the format – read on to learn about the PMGC 2021 Format!

PMGC 2021 Format – Quick Fact Sheet

We’ll start things off with the very tweet sharing the information via Tencent:

Credits: PUBG Mobile Esports Twitter
November 30th – December 19th 2021
  • PMGC 2021 League – 40 Teams
  • East – 20 Teams with Regions – SEA, MENA, South Asia, East Asia and China – Top 16 progress
  • West – 20 Teams with Regions – Europe and Americas – Top 16 progress
December 22nd – December 24th 2021
  • PMGC 2021 League Finals
  • East – 16 compete – Top 9 Progress
  • West – 16 compete – Top 6 Progress
PUBG Mobile New Map
Credits: Tencent
January 21st – January 23rd 2022
  • PMGC 2021 Grand Finals
  • Final 15 teams standing + 1 Special Invite

Kicking off in November, we can’t wait for more details to be made publically available. Besides information on the format, we’re also aware that the event will be broadcasted entirely on YouTube.

Otherwise, over the next month teams will be fighting to fight for the 40 spots available – we’re still unsure how the special seed will work for the Grand Final.

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