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MNM Gaming Six Invitational 2022 – EU Qualifier Winners!


24 Jan 2022

Gabriel Sciberras

Leading up to the Six Invitational 2022, spots are still being claimed via the Closed Qualifiers. Accordingly, over the weekend, Europe crowned another champion to send over to the international event. Read on as we discuss the victory of MNM Gaming Six Invitational 2022!

MNM Gaming Six Invitational 2022 – Ready to Impact

Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks
Credits: UBISOFT

A total of four spots are open to Qualifiers. Joining CYCLOPS athlete gaming from the APAC region, MNM Gaming are a European team ready to contest the international stage.

Yet, nobody expected them to win the Qualifier. Seeded from the Open Qualifier, they had to go against the likes of Team Vitality, Team Secret and cowana Gaming.

After multiple years, this marks the team’s first successful attendance at Six Invitational!

For the event they’ll be fielding their roster as follows:

Credits: European R6S
  • Josh “Yuzus” Pritchard
  • Leon “neLo” Pesic
  • Luke “Tyrant” Casey
  • Callum “Neonical” Humphreys
  • Fatih “Solotov” Turker

Indeed, we’re still awaiting the final two qualifiers. Accordingly, here are the dates to watch out for:

  • NA Qualifier – 29th January
  • Latin American Qualifier – Postponed to February

Accordingly, with the main event taking off early February, we can’t wait to see how the competition builds up!

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