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LEC Spring 2021 Week 5 Recap – Fnatic Stumble, Leadership Contested


24 Feb 2021

Gabriel Sciberras

After concluding our recap for the LCS, we can shift our focus to the LEC. Indeed, here, a similar stacking of the competition is present. Accordingly, the last time we checked up on the LEC, both G2 Esports and Rogue were on top and that seems to still be the case. Read on for a quick LEC Spring 2021 Week 5 Recap below!

Take a look at the standings yourself, and we’ll highlight some key matches for you which shaped up the standings.

LEC Spring 2021 Week 5 Standings

LEC Spring 2021
Credits: Gamepedia

Here our key matches for this past week, which had an impact on how the leaderboard is stacking up:

  • S04 vs SK Gaming (0-1): a battle in the middle of the table, SK Gaming managed to overcome Schalke 04 in what many consider to be an upset
  • MAD Lions vs Excel (1-0): the match up helped propel MAD Lions to their current position in third place, while Excel were demoted to 6th.
  • Vitality vs Fnatic (1-0): clearly the upset of the week, Fnatic were completely off-guard and hence, paid the price
Credits: LEC Twitter

These key matches played a massive part in forming the current leaderboard. Who knew Team Vitality would defeat Fnatic like that?

Three weeks are left until the end of the LEC Spring 2021 season. I expect battles at both the top and bottom of the leaderboard as everyone fights for seeds.

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