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Koosta transitioning from CS:GO to VALORANT with Gen.G


22 Jan 2021

Nathan Bonello

North American organization Gen.G has announced that one of their main players, Koosta will be transitioning from CS:GO to VALORANT. Here is their announcement:

Who is Koosta?

Kenneth “Koosta” Suen has had quite a journey when it comes to his CS:GO career. He kicked it all off back in 2014 with Tempo Gaming, and slowly climbed up the tiers of CS:GO teams. A few years later he found himself representing Ghost Gaming, and later on Cloud9. After the Cloud9 roster turned to shambles Koosta, Daps and Autimatic were transferred to Gen.G. They played a few events in 2020, but ultimately the squad didn’t adapt well to the online CS:GO meta, and eventually departed. Here are some their best results:

Why is Koosta transitioning from CS:GO to VALORANT?

On December 26th, Gen.G benched the player that kickstarted their entire roster, PLAYER1. Ever since then, the team had been looking for a solid replacement, but hadn’t found a solid player yet. Now with the announcement of Gen.G parting ways from their CS:GO roster, it became a feasible option for Koosta to re-sign with Gen.G but to represent them in VALORANT.

Koosta has not yet made a statement regarding his switch, however with North American CS:GO taking a big bump when it comes to organizations backing up players, VALORANT seemed like a more feasible option for him.

We’ve seen many players with a CS:GO background transition to VALORANT; however, with each swap and change, we are seeing clearly the fall of Counter-Strike in North America.

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