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King Pro League Spring 2021 Update – Reaching the Second Round


3 May 2021

Gabriel Sciberras

The King Pro League Spring 2021 has been going on for a while. Indeed, kicking off back in March and ending in June, we’re reaching an end. Accordingly, we’ve decided to provide a little update on the event to see how things are faring. Read on for a brief outline!

King Pro League Spring 2021 – Round 2 on May 9th

Initially, the first round concluded on April 18th. Now, with the second round, 3 groups have been playing in a single round robin. With BO5 matches, the seat decider match is the climax of this all. Once the round concludes on May 9th, the top teams will fight in the Seat Decider Match.

So, take a step back and take a look at how the three groups sit for the Round 2 Group Stage below:

King Pro League R2 Group
Credits: Liquipedia

Over in Group S, there’s an incredible 2 way tie with eStar Pro and TOP Esports trailing behind AG Super Play. There’s also another tie at 4-5th with Douyu Gaming and Hero Juijing too.

Moving over to Group A, it’s much more decided. Indeed, the bottom two teams will need to put in some work to have a chance to make it anywhere

King Pro League Fall 2020 Banner
Credits; King Pro League


Over in Group B, Vici Gaming has a shot to contest for the Winners’ spot against the current holder of Rogue Warriors.

We’ll see how the event progresses further on.

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