King Pro League Spring 2020 Week 10 – Final Week Preview!

Kicking off on the 18th of March this year, the King Pro League Spring 2020 is finally drawing to a conclusion as the tenth and final week is taking place this week after two months of intense gameplay. Read on as we preview Week 10 of the KPL!

Sixteen teams split into two groups of eight, referred to as the Eastern and the Western Conference respectively, took on the season and look to fight for the final spots available for the Playoffs. It’s through these Playoffs that teams can earn a qualification spot for the Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 2020. Let’s see how they stack up below:

Eastern Conference

  • LGD Goose (13-1)
  • Royal Never Give Up (10-5)
  • TTG X-Quest (7-7)
  • eStar Pro (5-8)
  • VICI Gaming (5-9)
  • TOP Esports (4-9)
  • Hero JiuJing (1-12)
  • Edward Gaming (1-12)

Western Conference

  • AG Super Play (10-3)
  • Dynamite Gaming (10-3)
  • TS Gaming (9-4)
  • Team WE (8-6)
  • YTG Gaming (7-7)
  • Gank Gaming (6-7)
  • Rogue Warriors (6-7)
  • QG Happy (6-8)

Many narratives are heading into the 10th week as multiple teams look to seal the deal and complete their fifteen matches of the season.

Just to recap, within each group, a first and second place finish allows for an Upper Bracket finish, third within Lower Bracket R2 and fourth and fifth into Lower Bracket R1. The bottom three end their journey here.

When taking a look at the Eastern Conference, a heavy divide has resulted in a tight fight for the middle of the pack. So much so that LGD Goose and Royal Never Give Up have both landed their spots in Upper Bracket R1, as the only teams in the season to do so.

Credit: Tencent

Third place is a different story, however, as TTG X-Quest and eStar Pro are both gunning for the spot with matches this weekend. Otherwise, the bottom two teams are decidedly out of the competition.

Moving on to the Western Conference, the outcome looks entirely unpredictable as no spots have been solidified yet. Heading into this final week, only QG Happy are completely out of it – expect one incredible fight to the end as we may have to resort to map difference. AG Super Play and Dynamite Gaming both top the group with identical statistics and every place beneath them is separated by one win.

The stakes are as high as ever – every match this week from the 20th May to the 24th will matter to define King Pro League Spring 2020. Therefore, we’ll conclude with the schedule listed below:

May 20

  • TES vs EDG.M
  • AG.SP vs RW

May 21

  • DYG vs GK
  • Hero vs Ts

May 22

  • LGD vs Hero
  • QGHappy vs YTG

May 23

  • GK vs WE
  • AG.SP vs TTG.XQ
  • eStarPro vs TES

May 24

  • DYG vs VG
  • Ts vs EDG.M
  • eStarPro vs RW 

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