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Karmine Corp win European Masters Spring


3 May 2021

Nathan Bonello

This past weekend we saw French team Karmine Corp win the European Masters Spring tournament. Here is how it all went down:

Final Standings + Winnings

  • 1st – €40,000 – Karmine Corp
  • 2nd – €25,000 – BT Excel
  • 3rd-4th – €13,500 – UCAM Esports Club
  • 3rd-4th – €13,500 – Mousesports
  • 5th – €8,000 – Mkers
  • 6th – €8,000 – Suppup eSports
  • 7th – €8,000 – Misfits Premier
  • 8th – €8,000 – BIG
  • 9th – €4,000 – Anorthosis Esports
  • 10th – €4,000 – G2 Arctic
  • 11th – €4,000 – Macko Esports
  • 12th – €4,000 – FC Schalke 04 Evolution

Karmine Corp win European Masters Spring – How did they do it?

Group Stage

Karmine Corp kicked off the event with a great performance in the group stage. The team placed 1st in Group D, beating BT Excel, FC Schalke 04 Evolution and Cream Real Betis.

Knockout Stage

Then in the Knockout stage, the team first played against Suppup Esports. First game went to Suppup, but the 2 others that followed were swift victories for Karmine Corp. This got them into the Semifinals versus the almighty UCAM Esports Club. KC took the first game, to which UCAM replied with one of their own, after switching their team comp. But unfortunately this was not enough as Karmine still took the win to reach the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals

Here Karmine Corp had to take down BT Excel in a best of 5 series. Surprisingly, BT Excel was the first to strike, with their very tanky composition of Ornn, Udyr and Kench. However their playstyle was immediately countered for the following 3 matches, as Karmine Corp grabbed three straight wins in the Finals. Here are the final moments of the last game:

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