How to watch the CS:GO ESL Pro League 10 Finals: event, schedule and, stream

ESL Pro League is the longest-running professional CS: GO league in the world.  

Under sports-like rules and structures, the world’s most dominant players compete at the highest level on a global scale. Players from all over the world take part to compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and get their hands on the much-coveted $750, 000 prize pool. In the end, we’ll all find out which team’s best at CS: GO 2019.

It’s safe to say the ESL Pro League is one of the most significant events in esports. The regular season is played in the three separate regions: Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific. Each region is then divided into four groups with four teams each. The seeding is based on the ESL World Ranking.

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Matches in Asia-Pacific are played online, but in Europe and the Americas, all games are played in offline LAN studios, to provide the most competitive atmosphere possible.

ESL Pro League Finals

This year marks the tenth edition of the ESL Pro League. The tournament kicked off on the 8 October and ends on the 2 December. The finals will be played over two days in Odense, Denmark.

After having had great success in the previous years, the ESL Pro League Finals will be held to Denmark for the third year in a row. This time, the finalists will showdown at Jyske Bank Arena.

In a few days, 16 world-caliber teams will go head-to-head to in the world’s most prestigious CS: GO tournament and try to become filthy rich in the process.

CS: GO tournament calendar

Esports fans have a great spectacle to look forward to when the finals kick-off in Denmark. This year, ESL has created a brand-new stage design, and the company promises fans the biggest finals yet.

Attendees will also get to enjoy ONDINCON – Northern Europe’s largest and most recognized esports and gaming expo. If you make it to Odense, you can check out new exciting games and gear and join conference activities about the future of gaming.

For anyone interested in CS: Go, or esports in general, the ESL Pro League Finals promises to be nothing short of amazing. Here’s a detailed look at the event, the CS: GO tournament calendar and 2019s teams:

Teams participating


  • 100 Thieves
  • Evil Geniuses
  • FaZe Clan
  • Fnatic
  • Heroic GG.Bet
  • MIBR
  • Tyloo Lbet


  • Astralis
  • ATK
  • G2 Esports
  • Grayhound Gaming
  • mousesports
  • North
  • Sharks Esports
  • Team Liquid

The Group Stage

The group stage will take place between the 3-5 December. Ten teams will be eliminated, leaving only six teams for the main stage playoffs. Here’s a closer look at the group stage schedule:

Tuesday, 3 December:

  • 12:00 – Group A UB Ro8 #1 + #2 | Bo1
  • 13:15 – Group A UB Ro8 #3 + #4 | Bo1
  • 14:30 – Group B UB Ro8 #1 + #2 | Bo1
  • 15:45 – Group b UB Ro8 #3 + #4 | Bo1
  • 17:00 – Group A UB Ro4 #1 | Bo3
  • 17:00 – Group A LB Ro4a #1 | Bo3
  • 20:35 – Group A UB Ro4 #2 | Bo3
  • 20:35 – Group A LB Ro4a #2 | Bo3

Wednesday, 4 December:

  • 12:00 – Group B LB Ro4a #1 + #2 | Bo3
  • 15:35 – Group B UB Ro4 #1 | Bo3
  • 15:35 – Group B LB Ro4b #1 | Bo3
  • 19:10 – Group B UB Ro4 #2 | Bo3
  • 19:10 – Group B LB Ro4b #2 | Bo3

Thursday, 5 December:

  • 12:00 – Group B LB Ro4b #1 + #2 | Bo3
  • 15:35 – Group A UB Final | Bo3
  • 15:35 – Group A LB Final | Bo3
  • 19:10 – Group B UB Final | Bo3
  • 19:10 – Group B LB Final | Bo3

And here’s the main stage schedule…

Friday, 6 December:

  • 12:00 – Door Opening
  • 15:30 – preshow
  • 16:00 – QUARTERFINAL #1 | bo3
  • 19:50 – QUARTERFINAL #2 | bo3

Saturday, 7 December:

  • 12:00 – Door Opening
  • 15:30 – preshow
  • 16:00 – SEMI FINAL #1 | bo3
  • 19:50 – SEMI FINAL #2 | bo3

Sunday, 8 December:

  • 12:00 – Door Opening
  • 14:00 – preshow
  • 16:00 – Grand Final | bo5
  • Winners’ Ceremony

Streaming the tournament

If you want to attend the finals, you’ll have to splash out approximately $150. You could also buy a single-day ticket for around $70.

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However, if following the event form the stands in Jyske Arena isn’t an option, you can also watch this epic showdown online. Here are the best ways to watch the CS: GO Pro League finals online.

#1. Watch the ESL Pro League Finals on

One of the best sites for watching the tournament. The perfect guide for users that are new or already into esports. Providing an extensive list of the biggest esports together with streams for each esports match live today or upcoming matches.

#2. Watch the ESL Pro League Finals on Twitch

With Twitch being a hugely popular channel in the esports world, it’s no surprise you’ll find a live stream for the ESL Pro League Finals here. The live tournament will be streamed in nine different languages, making sure no one misses out on the action.

#3. Watch the ESL Pro League Finals on Youtube

If you’re not into Twitch, you can also watch the CS: GO 2019 finals on Youtube. The ESL Youtube channel has more than a million subscribers and will be streaming the ESL Pro League Finals live.

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