How to Watch the 2020 SMITE World Championship: Schedule, Results and Stream

If the events that unfolded during this season are anything to go by, the upcoming 2020 SMITE World Championship should be quite the event. An action-packed weekend awaits in the form of this live tournament, where we are certain the skills of the best players will be on display.

The SMITE Championship Calendar

As this event quickly approaches, it is important to know whether or not you have all of the right dates noted down. This year’s streaming tournament begins on the 15th of November and ends on the 17th of November, meaning that the SMITE World Championship will have a winner within just a handful of days.

The 2020 SMITE World Championship

This year, the SMITE 2020 World Championship will be finishing off Season 6, with the best teams in the world competing to see who really is the best among them. You can learn more about the teams competing this year later in this article, but we are going to take a quick look at the nature of the tournament itself first.

Teams who are lucky enough to make it all the way to the SMITE 2020 World Championship will find themselves in the running to win their share of a $1,000,000 prize pool. To get there, they have to compete in a single-elimination bracket, best-of-three quarterfinals and best-of-five semi-finals and grand finals.

Results from the SPL Phase 2 and the SWC 2020 Placement Round

The line-up for this year’s SMITE World Championship was determined during the SPL Phase 2 and the SWC 2020 Placement Round, with plenty of surprises occurring in all of the relevant matches. The results of these stages looked like this:

SPL Phase 2 Week 10:

  • Splyce vs eUnited: 3:0
  • Dignitas vs Renegades: 3:0
  • Dignitas vs eUnited: 3:0
  • Obey Alliance vs Luminosity Gaming: 1:3

SPL Phase 2 Week 11:

  • Team RivaL vs Obey Alliance: 3:2
  • Splyce vs Luminosity Gaming: 3:0
  • Splyce vs Obey Alliance: 3:0
  • eUnited vs Renegades: 1:3

SPL Phase 2 Week 12: 

  • SpaceStation Gaming vs Renegades: 2:3
  • Splyce vs Pittsburgh Knights: 3:2
  • Pittsburgh Knights vs Renegades: 2:3
  • SpaceStation Gaming vs SK Gaming: 1:3

SPL Phase 2 Standings:

1. Renegades: 8:1

2. Splyce: 8:1

3: Team RivaL: 6:3

4: Dignitas: 5:4

5. eUnited: 4:5

6: Pittsburgh Knights: 4:5

7. SK Gaming: 4:5

8. Luminosity Gaming: 4:5

9: Obey Alliance: 2:7

10. SpaceStation Gaming: 0:9

SWC 2020 PlacementRound

The SWC 2020 Placement Round is an event held by Hi-Rez Studios where only the two teams who get through the final will qualify to the SWC 2020.

SWC 2020 Placement Standings

The Current Line-up

SWC 2020 Teams

As you can see from the above, the roster for the SMITE tournament has already been decided, with eight teams from around the world competing. The first match of the quarterfinals will be held at 17:00 on the 15th, between Team RivaL and Sanguine Esports.

The second match of the quarterfinals will be held at 19:30 on the 15th, between Dignitas and the Pittsburgh Knights. The third match will be held at 22:30 on the 15th, between Splyce and SK Gaming. The fourth match will be held at 01:00 on the 16th, between the Renegades and eUnited.

Following these rounds, the semi-finals will be held on the 16th and 17th and the finals will be held on the 17th, with winning teams moving on to the next stage in the competition.

Schedule List:

Day 1 – Quarterfinals:

  • 15/11: Team RivaL vs Sanguine eSports
  • 15/11: Dignitas vs Pittsburgh Knights
  • 15/11: Splyce vs SK Gaming
  • 15/11: Renegades vs eUnited

Day 2 – Semifinals:

  • 16/11: TBD
  • 16/11: TBD

Day 3 – Grand Final:

  • 17-11: TBD

Watching the SMITE World Championship

If you would like to watch the SMITE World Championship, then there are a few ways in which you can do that. We would highly recommend using the following options:

Streaming on

One of the best sites for watching the game. The perfect guide for users that are new or already into esports. Providing an extensive list of the biggest esports together with streams for each esports match live today or upcoming matches.

The Official Twitch Channel

The official Twitch SMITE streaming channel is one of the best ways in which you can watch the different rounds of the SMITE World Championship. The quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finals will all be broadcast live, making it the perfect option for people who might be looking to place bets on what happens.

The Official Twitter Channel

If you are interested in keeping up to date on what happens, but not as interested in actually watching the events, then you can keep an eye on the official Twitter channel. During the event, the Twitter channel will be full of game updates and match results, allowing you to keep updated on how your favourite teams are doing.

Stream on Mixer

Mixer is one of the biggest platforms when it comes to SMITE, with people all around the world tuning in to watch the biggest events in the industry. We would highly recommend tuning in to the Mixer channel to keep up to date with the World Championships.

The Official YouTube Channel

Alternatively, you might want to watch the event and the different matches that are associated with it by using the official SMITE YouTube channel. This will enable you to watch some of the best teams from around the world compete on a platform that we are all familiar with.

With Specialist Gambling Platforms

As e-sports grow in popularity, more and more specialist gambling platforms are appearing. A lot of these platforms will enable you to live-stream events, meaning that you can place bets whilst certain events are in-play. If you are looking to place bets, then we would recommend using this method.


If you are based near Dreamhack Atlanta, then you might want to go and watch the events in person. This will allow you to experience the thrill of the event first-hand, rather than imagining what it must be like.

The SMITE World Championship

At this moment in time, it is difficult to predict which of the teams from the SPL Phase 2 and the SWC 2020 Placement Round will win the SMITE World Championship. We would highly recommend tuning in and watching the events while they are in play, spotting the ways in which players attack each other’s defences and defend themselves.

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