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How to Watch PMPL Regional Finals 2021 May: teams, format, schedule, streams, predictions


5 May 2021

Gabriel Sciberras

We’ve come to realize that soon, an incredible number of competitive PUBG Mobile events are on their way. Accordingly, the PMPL Regional Finals 2021 are soon with us across many regions. In this featured How to Watch, we’ll be listing some important facts for most of the events taking place in this month of May!

Event Background

The following is a list of events taking place for competitive PUBG Mobile which we’ll be discussing:

Credits: PUBG Mobile Esports Twitter
  • PMPL SA Championship Finals – ’21 S1 – May 13-16
  • CIS PMPL Finals – ’21 S1 – May 14-16
  • Turkey PMPL Finals – ’21 S1 – May 14-16
  • SEA PMPL Championship – ’21 S3 – May 21-23
  • PMPL LATAM Finals – ’21 S1 – May 21-23
  • West EU PMPL RS – ’21 S1 – May 17-June 05
  • PMPL Arabia RS – ’21 S1 – May 17-Jun 06

Wow, that’s an incredible number of events. Indeed, all of them carry a tremendous amount of weight as the climax of a season of hard work. For most regions, every Finals is the ultimate expression of competition in that region.

Credits: PUBG MOBILE Esports Twitter

So much so, we’ll be describing a general approach to watching all of the events for you below.


In terms of format, they all share similar formats as organized by Tencent. For the most part, all events will follow two stages. To begin with, Weekdays of competition will take place across the week. It’s here that the top 16 of each region will be decided. Indeed, this top 16 will compete in the Super Weekend.

Specifically, it’s in the Super Weekend that points can be earned towards placements in the Finals. Indeed, for events already in the Finals, all that’s left is for the remaining top competition to play a final week of competition to figure out who the best really is.

Credits: PUBG MOBILE Esports Twitter

Overall, teams will earn points through kills and position. To win, teams will need to strike a balance while also being consistent in order to claim the overall victory.

Schedule for the PMPL Regional Finals 2021 May

In terms of schedule, be sure to visit the Liquipedia page for each event here while you can also visit the PUBG Mobile event page on esportsguide.

In general, most Finals events will involve daily streams taking place at the same time on each day depending on the region.

Watch the PMPL Regional Finals 2021 May on esportsguide

You can also watch the PMPL Regional Finals 2021 May League live stream via our very own website. Providing an extensive list of the biggest esports together with streams for each esports match live today or upcoming matches.


In terms of predictions, this is a little tough to do. Yet, I’ll be trying to offer a winning prediction for each event:

  • PMPL SA Championship Finals – DRS Gaming
  • CIS PMPL Finals – ’21 S1 – Natus Vincere
  • Turkey PMPL Finals – ’21 S1 – Next Ruya Gaming
  • SEA PMPL Championship – ’21 S3 – Bigetron RA
  • PMPL LATAM Finals – ’21 S1 -META Gaming
  • West EU PMPL RS – ’21 S1 – Unicorns of Love
  • PMPL Arabia RS – ’21 S1 – RAAD Esports
Credits: PUBG MOBILE Esports Twitter

That should wrap things up for us. What I’d also like to predict is that we have high hopes for these PMPL Regional Finals 2021 May. Indeed, competitive PUBG Mobile continues to impress us with its achievements as a mobile esport. Be sure to stay tuned for further news articles related to the events.

For more esports news, please visit: https://www.esportsguide.com/news

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