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How to Watch Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Fall – teams, format, schedule, streams, predictions

Garena Free Fire

14 Oct 2021

Gabriel Sciberras

As we’ve discussed on this platform before, Indonesia is a star region for the competitive Free Fire across the world. Accordingly, with soaring viewership numbers, the competition is always up to par. Indeed, with the Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Fall event on the horizon, we have every reason to be excited. Read on to learn How to Watch this very exciting event!

Event Background

Credits: Garena

In terms of Event Background, this is one which has been a long time going. Ever since September 19th, over 70 teams have been competing to fight into this event. Now that we have our final 18 teams, the stage is set.

Running from 16th October all the way to 24th October, we have a total of $56,000 on the line for the teams participating in this Major.

Held by Garena, find your 18 participants listed below:

Finals Teams

  • SES MIZU – FFML D1 Group A
  • NXL – FFML D1 Group A
  • ONIC Olympus – FFML D1 Group B
  • EVOS Divine – FFML D1 Group B
  • Island of Gods – FFML D1 Group C
  • Siren GPX – FFML D1 Group C

Playins Teams

  • West Bandits Esports – FFML D2 Group A
  • The Pillars Rapier – FFML D2 Group B
  • ECHO Esports – FFML D2 Group C
  • AURA Ignite – FFML D1 Playoffs
  • RIMO ARJUNA – FFML D1 Playoffs
  • The Prime Esports – FFML D1 Playoffs
  • First Raiders Bravo – FFML D1 Playoffs
  • KINGS Esports – FFML D1 Playoffs
  • RedBull Rebellion – FFML D1 Playoffs
  • Rosugo Esports – Group Stage A
  • EVOS Immortal – Group Stage B
  • DG Esports – Group Stage C

Starting on 16th October, we’ll be enjoying the Play-Ins Stage and moving on to the Grand Finals concluding on October 24th – everything will be held online!


Mobile Esports
Credits: Riot Games

The format is relatively simple.

To kick things off, the 12 Play-In teams will go head to head. Indeed, with 6 matches, the teams are fighting for a chance to qualify for the Grand Finals – a reward to be given to only half the competitors here.

Moving forward, we’ll then have our 12 Grand Finals teams. Kicking off on October 24th, here is where we’ll witness multiple rounds of competition to determine an overall champions.

As a reminder, the following is the Points Distribution for each match:

  • Kill Points – 1 per kill
  • Position – 1st (12 points), 2nd (9 points), 3rd (8 points), 4th (7 points), 5th (6 points), 6th (5 points), 7th (4 points), 8th (3 points), 9th (2 points), 10th (1 point), 11-12th (0 points)

Let’s see the schedule!

Schedule for the Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Fall

For this very long and complex schedule, we highly recommend visiting the event’s Facebook page here where updates are published daily!

Watch the Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Fall on esportsguide

You can also watch Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Fall live stream via our very own website. Providing an extensive list of the biggest esports together with streams for each esports match live today or upcoming matches.


Credits: Garena

Over the past few months, everyone has been competing building up to this event.

Accordingly, the last time everyone matched up was at the Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Spring event! Here’s how the standings stood back then:

  1. EVOS Divine
  2. First Raiders Bravo
  3. Siren Esports
  4. Dranix Esports
  6. NGID Esports
  7. RedBull Rebellion
  8. AURA Ignite
  9. RRQ Hades
  10. Island of Gods

With not much else to go off of, we can expect some of the top teams retaining their form at the top.

For more esports news, visit: https://www.esportsguide.com/news

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