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How to Watch 2021 eChampions League: teams, format, schedule, streams, predictions


3 May 2021

Gabriel Sciberras

It’s been a while since we covered some competitive FIFA on the site. Indeed, the scene has been up and down with the consistency of events. However, this all stops now with the upcoming 2021 eChampions League on the horizon. If you’re curious to learn, read this episode of How to Watch!

Event Background

This yearly event is a highlight of the competitive FIFA 21 calendar. Accordingly, it brings some of the best players in the world together to compete for a juicy $280,000 prize pool. Indeed, only the top 8 players in the world will be competing in this EA hosted event which will all go down on 28th May.

FIFA 21 Global Series
Credits: EA

Namely, here are the eight players who’ve made it to this event, all of which play on Playstation 4 platform:

  • OliBoli7
  • Er_Caccia98
  • HHezerS
  • Ktzn_91
  • EthxnH
  • Neat
  • OliverPN
  • OliverNoleReal
Credits: EA FIFA esports Twitter

How were these top 8 players invited? They weren’t invited, but fought through a Knockout Stage, which hosted 32 players to sort this all out earlier this month.


With everything taking place on one single day, the format is relatively simple. Indeed, it all boils down to an awesome double elimination format in one day. So far, according to seedings earned at the Knockout qualifier stage, the top 8 have been placed into the bracket and primed to go.

Here’s how the top 8 have been seeded:

Credits: Liquipedia

Straight up 1v1 matches should determine a true champion here.

Schedule for the 2021 eChampions League

The schedule is incredibly straight forward. Indeed, everything will take place with streams on May 28th on Twitch and YouTube.

Watch the 2021 eChampions League on esportsguide

You can also watch the 2021 eChampions League live stream via our very own website. Providing an extensive list of the biggest esports together with streams for each esports match live today or upcoming matches.


Credits: EA

In terms of predictions, I’ll once again list how the players were seeded heading into this event.

  • 1st-2nd: EthxnH, OliverPN
  • 3-4th: OliBoli7, HHezerS
  • 5-8th: Er_Caccia98, KTzn_91, Neat, OliverNoleReal

Accordingly, the first and second seeds are favoured to win. Specifically, EthxnH is a new and upcoming talent over the past year. Besides this incredible performance at the Knockout stage, his best achievement is a 2nd place at the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020. Bearing this in mind, he’ll definitely be hungry to possibly make a name for himself while he has the opportunity.

Credits: EA FIFA esports Twitter

The other player with a strong history is OliBoli7. Were it not for the lower seed, many would consider the Swede as the favourite for the event. Over these past few months, the player has been on fire with multiple victories at multiple small events. This includes the FIFA 20 Sumer Cup Series – Europe (3rd) and winning the eAllsvenskan 2020.

Moreover, the remaining player with a history if Neat, who came out as the eLaLiga 2020 – Grand Final Champion.

What about the remaining players? Like a few other esports such as Fortnite, the hugely open format of FIFA results in a constant supply of new names to the top of the scene. Especially OliverPN, he’s in an incredible spot to find an easy route to the grand final.

We’re excited to see the outcome of this upcoming event in the coming weeks. For more esports news, visit: https://www.esportsguide.com/news

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