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Hellbear Smashers currently leading the D2CL 2021


26 Jul 2021

Nathan Bonello

The event has been going on for a week now, and Hellbear Smashers are currently leading the D2CL 2021 (Dota 2 Champions League). Here’s how they’ve been so successful:

Match Briefing

They kicked the event off with a dominant win over PuckChamp on Day 1. The next day, they took on Team Unique, which they also beat 2-0. On the third day they took on the newly reformed AS Monaco Gambit lineup, and as everyone expected, the Smashers dominated that series too. On day 4 they had no games, but on day 5 they faced off the Fantastic Five squad, and beat them 2-0. Day 6 was another break for Hellbear Smashers, and on Day 7 they took on V-Gaming. This series was the only one that gave them a challenge, as V-Gaming were the only team to take a map away from the Smashers. Unfortunately their performance wasn’t enough to topple them and give them their first loss.

Hellbear Smashers currently leading the D2CL 2021 – Current Standings

  1. Hellbear Smashers – 5-0 – 10-1
  2. Team Unique – 4-1 – 8-3
  3. Chicken Fighters – 3-1 – 6-2
  4. Nemiga Gaming – 3-1 – 6-3
  5. PuckChamp – 3-2 – 6-6
  6. V-Gaming – 2-2 – 5-4
  7. Winstrike Team – 1-4 – 4-8
  8. Spider Pigzs – 1-4 – 4-9
  9. Fantastic Five – 1-4 – 2-8
  10. AS Monaco Gambit – 1-5 – 4-11

This European and CIS mix team of Ace, Stormstormer, GeneRaL, Gilgir, and tOfu has been a dominant force in the event so far. From what it looks like, the Hellbear Smashers are confirmed to take part in the main event. Could they continue with their current momentum and go all the way to win it all?

Find out by tuning into www.esportsguide.com for all your important and latest esports news!

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