Gla1ve taking a break from CS:GO, JUGi to replace him on Astralis

Earlier today, Astralis’ in-game leader, Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander has announced that he will be taking a short break from Counter-Strike due to health reasons. Earlier this week we also saw the departure of Kjaerbye from North’s squad, with similar reasons as to Gla1ve. The health of the players is definitely a major talking point at the moment, and there are probably more announcements and departures to come very soon.

Other professional players have also voiced their opinion about the health situation, most noticeably Heroic’s CadiaN stating the following:

How long is the break?

Gla1ve is expected to return to the starting Astralis lineup after a 3 month break from competitive CS:GO. In his announcement he has stated that he has been undergoing stress and burnout for a very long time, and that with the recent roster changes that Astralis have been making, he finally has the opportunity to rest and come back stronger than ever.

How will this impact Astralis?

The change will introduce an adjustment to the in-game leader role, as gla1ve was the in-game leader of Astralis before his departure. It is still unclear as to who will bear the role, however it has been hinted that Magisk will be taking over the role for the meantime. Gla1ve’s absence will mean that they will not be playing with him during DreamHack Masters Spring, and BLAST Premier Europe Showdown which are the two upcoming events for the danish squad.

We’ve seen Astralis battle out some very rough situations, and this seems like another challenge for them to overcome. We will have to see how much of an impact this will cause Astralis and if they’re able to keep up their performance without their main In-Game Leader.

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