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FPX signing Bo in the Jungle; Tian inactive


22 Jan 2021

Nathan Bonello

FPX (Funplus Phoenix) have announced that they are signing Bo as a secondary and replacement player in the Jungle role. This is the announcement:

FPX signing Bo in the Jungle – Who is he?

Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo kicked off his professional League of Legends career in 2020 with team eStar young. With Bo in the jungle, the team managed to place 4th by the end of the group stage, and 5-6th in the Summer playoffs. Definitely not a bad result for such a young star like Bo.

Why is Tian going inactive?

According to a recent statement made by Tian, FPX’s main Jungler, the main reason for him going inactive is due to health issues. It is stated that after his match against EDward Gaming, he felt longtime pressure for him breaking in an instant, making him feel severely sick and unwell. He discussed this with the management at FPX and will be taking a break for the next few months as he seeks professional help and aims to recover.

Credits: FPX

This is a very concerning issue, but this is definitely the right choice by both Tian and FPX. During 2020 we’ve seen how much mental and physical health is of vital importance for professional players. Hopefully Tian gets a speed recovery and returns to the rift as soon as possible!

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