Evil Geniuses reveal their new revamped logo

We all know that Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest and most distinguished organizations in esports, and to see them change their logo again seems a bit off, and unlike what any other organization with similar reputation would do. Nevertheless, they have once again rebranded, and it seems like all the staff and players have embraced the change, however for the Evil Geniuses fans, it’s another story.

Evil Geniuses’ original logo lasted from 1999 till December of 2019, as they had announced their first ever rebranding to a logo which was a very drastic change from their initial logo. This was the logo after their first rebrand:

The esport community did not like the change at all, as most were obsessed with the authenticity and identity the old logo had. Even though there was a huge community backlash, the management behind Evil Geniuses put up with the comments and stuck with their logo…Until now. Yesterday they revealed their newest logo which had the iconic monogram which the original logo had, but with a cutting edge touch. Here below is an image detailing and phrasing what all the changes to the logo mean:

When a rebrand or change of logo happens within an organization, whether it be in sports, esports or anything, the organization tends to lose a little bit of its identity, and we have been seeing quite a lot of organizations updating their logo over the past few months. Another organization which has been around for a similar time as Evil Geniuses is Complexity, and they had also rebranded their logo, back in May of 2019. Another distinguished organization that has also rebranded their appearance and look was Fnatic, back in January of 2020, only a few months ago.

Rebrands and changes are not all bad as they tend to motivate the players that are playing under the organization and give a new feeling to their brand. However, it does mean that the identity and reputation the organization previously had gets diminished. 

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