Cloud9 Valorant Signing, Blizzard Overhaul Contenders and Super Smash Bros. Melee Update!

Starting with VALORANT, the release of competitive has been a bit unsteady, due to the delayed launch and certain pros leaving – the announcement of Cloud9 filling out their roster slowly is great news though. Having such a large organization backing up the new esport at its start is what Riot Games needs to propel the scene forward. 

Following the first addition of ‘TenZ’ to the roster, the former CounterStrike: Global Offensive professional of “Relyks” seems like a promising second addition to the roster after it was founded earlier this year. “Relyks” isn’t that well-known as a professional which is all the more promising – since he hasn’t had his big break yet, it’s more likely that he’ll be hungry for success in VALORANT

“Relyks” joins the roster and seems to fit in well – hopefully other organizations will begin picking up players and not let Cloud9 capture all the aces they need in their deck. 

Super Smash Bros. Melee – Rollback Netcode is Gamechanging 

Meanwhile, although VALORANT may be huge right now, the community for Super Smash Bros is absolutely ecstatic. Responding to the fact that the Nintendo title had to be omitted from EVO 2020 Online due to a notoriously poor online connection, Nintendo has just reworked the entire system and it’s changed the game entirely. 

Credit: Nintendo

Namely, the personality of ‘Fizzi’ on Twitter revealed the following changes following months of work to the netcode for Super Smash Bros. Melee: 

  • Rollback netcode 
  • Integrated matchmaking
  • Auto-updates
  • Replays 

The rollback net-code is a game changer for Melee as online is now smoother as commands are conserved and predicted despite input lag. Now, it’s no longer impossible to match up with international players, who prior to the update may have been from Mars. 
Speaking of which, an official matchmaking mode will now allow players to find a game way easier – as before one needed a specific code to join a lobby and it was all quite a nuisance. In a time of online competition and separation, this update couldn’t be better timed and is absolutely huge for the Super Smash Bros. Melee community. 

Blizzard Overhauling Contenders – Season 2 Changes 

Over in Overwatch, Blizzard is conjuring up their own little changes for the betterment of the community. In order to introduce a higher level of competition, the following changes have been outlined by Blizzard as officially set for the next season: 

  • Improved viewership experience for Contenders China 
  • South America Season two will offer both a regular season and a final single-eliminatino tournament 
  • North America and Europe have moved to monthly tournaments over a regular season 
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
  • South Korea and Australia will continue like previous seasons through regular seasons 
  • The Pacific region no longer exists – it has been removed from Contenders

These are definitely strong changes, and hopefully, Overwatch Contenders will begin to grow as planned and recuperate from the losses. 

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