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CDL returning to LAN for Stage IV Major


10 Jun 2021

Nathan Bonello

The CDL (CallOfDuty League) have announced that they are returning to a LAN environment for the Stage IV Major. Here is their announcement:

Stage IV Major Details

As seen in the trailer above, the Stage IV Major will take place between the 17th and 20th of June. As stated by the COD League, this is going to be the 4 CDL Major event, but also the first offline event! This Major will be hosted by the Dallas Empire and will be taking additional measures into consideration to ensure the safety of everyone involved. As per usual, all 12 CDL teams are participating for the share of $500,000 in prize pool.

CDL returning to LAN for Stage IV Major – What does this mean?

Competitive COD returning to LAN is great news, especially for die hard Call of Duty fans. With the majority of the season being played online we’ve seen multiple results that surprised us. Hopefully with the return of LAN we’ll be seeing a stronger side out of every competitor due to the competitive nature that an offline event brings.

Here’s a short list of each Stage Major winner so far:

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