Call of Duty League Seattle Online Home Series 2020 Preview!

The Call of Duty League is back again for this weekend from the 22-24th May, as the competitive community gathers itself for the Call of Duty League Seattle Home Series Online 2020. $100,000 are on the line as always as we enter the latter half of the season and points are becoming even more valuable. Read on as we preview this CDL Seattle Home Series Online week’s event!

The following eight teams have been split into Group A and B as shown below:

Group A

  • London Royal Ravens
  • Los Angeles Guerillas
  • Seattle Surge
  • New York Subliners
Credit: Call of Duty League

Group B

  • Paris Legion
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • Minnesota Rokkr
  • OpTic Gaming LA

There’s a tonne to discuss here. First of all, FaZe Atlanta, the leaders of the Call of Duty League, won’t be attending this weekend. Suddenly, it’s everyone’s game.

Over in Group B, the Chicago Huntsmen are looking weaker than ever due to their recent roster swap by bringing in ‘Prestinni’ from the Florida Mutineers instead of ‘Gunless’ – they haven’t had time to practice and not many expect them to take the Seattle Home Series this weekend. This is where the Minnesota Rokkr look to compensate for their performance last event with a rematch against OGLA. Paris Legion isn’t looking too strong either and due to this, Group B is looking rather foggy.

Meanwhile, in Group A, further roster changes may haunt the teams of Seattle Surge and London Royal Ravens. Could this be the weekend that Los Angeles Guerillas actually win reach the semifinals? Well, if they do, New York will be sure to join them and make a run at this tournament. Seattle Surge just might follow up Florida’s performance in not being able to defend their own Home Series.

Credit: Call of Duty League

Personally, the favourites for this event look to be between the New York Subliners and the Chicago Huntsmen. Minnesota are still hunting for that first event, but after last weekend, doubts have been flooding the roster due to bombing out.

Credit: Call of Duty League Twitter

Another point for this weekend is the Warzone Weekend event taking place on Sunday, where the twelve organizations will be competing in a private lobby. This could result in awesome viewership for the event due to the popularity of Warzone.

Tune in at the following link for the Call of Duty League Seattle Home Series Online:

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