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Blizzard announce the end to major development updates to Starcraft 2


16 Oct 2020

Nathan Bonello

Blizzard has opted to announce that they will end their major development updates to StarCraft 2. Here is their announcement below:

What does Blizzard mean by “End to Major development updates”?

This means that purchasable content, such as Commanders and War Chests will not be getting produced anymore. However, Blizzard will still prioritize Season rolls and necessary balance fixes. With regards to StarCraft 2 esports, which is one of the game’s biggest features, will still be going strong throughout Blizzard’s partners, ESL and GSL.

Credits: ESL

Blizzard announce the end to major development updates to Starcraft 2 – Why is this big news?

StarCraft, being a very nostalgic and important franchise in the whole of Blizzard, is dear to many, especially RTS (Real-Time Strategy) fans. This year, StarCraft is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. And with it, Blizzard have released one of the largest-ever patches. This included upgrades to the map editor, as well as gameplay improvements to players all around the world.

This is sad news for the entirety of the StarCraft 2 community, but as Blizzard put it, this opens up a lot more opportunities for them to focus on the StarCraft universe as a whole. 

We cannot wait to see what Blizzard has in store for the future of StarCraft, but until then, be sure to keep yourself updated on www.esportsguide.com for more esports news!

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