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Betway partnering with G2 Esports


10 Jun 2021

Nathan Bonello

Popular betting company Betway has announced that it is partnering with European org G2 Esports. Here is their announcement:

Betway partnering with G2 Esports – What will it consist of?

As you may know, Betway Esports creates some of the most iconic and original content out there when it comes to CS:GO. Usually they do such content with their sponsored teams and partners, and they will be doing the exact same thing with G2 Esports. This aid in content creation will aid both the team and betway in growing in every way possible.

Adam Savinson, on behalf of Esports at Betway, said the following: 

“Betway is very proud to be bringing one of the world’s largest and most iconic esports organisations into its market leading sponsorship portfolio.”


Who else does Betway sponsor?

At the time of writing, Betway is sponsoring multiple sports-related companies. This list varies from Football, to horse racing, and to esports. One of their most recognizable sponsors is BLAST Premier, one of CS:GO’s most popular tournament organisers. Along with that, Betway Esports also sponsors numerous teams, namely: MiBR, NiP, BIG, and also Furia.

G2 has had a great couple of months recently with regards to partnerships. Just recently, they have partnered with Bondly, and earlier in 2021 they partnered with popular sports company Adidas. They’ve been growing rapidly, both on and off the server and we cannot wait to see what other partnerships G2 will be a part of in the near future!

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