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Alliance win PMPL CIS Regular Season


10 May 2021

Nathan Bonello

This past weekend we had The Alliance win the PMPL CIS Regular Season. Here’s how it all played out:

Final Standings + Winnings:

  • 1st – $8,500 – Alliance
  • 2nd – $10,500 – Natus Vincere
  • 3rd – $3,500 – Armed Family
  • 4th – $4,500 – Qodex
  • 5th – $5,500 – Good Games
  • 6th – $6,500 – KoninaPower
  • 7th – $6,500 – ARCRED
  • 8th – $5,500 – Team Pain
  • 9th – $5,500 – Virtus.pro
  • 10th – $3,500 – 1218

Alliance win PMPL CIS Regular Season – How did they do it?

Week 1

In the initial week, Alliance were the most dominant totalling up to 197 points. They got 2 chicken dinners, and a couple more high placements, featuring 2nd/3rd and 4th placements. What really raised their points were their kills, as they frequently got more than 10 kills. They were closely followed by Natus Vincere’s team in 2nd place, finishing the 1st week super weekend with 180 points.

Week 2

The 2nd week was quite similar, however it’s fair to say that Na’Vi were better during this week. Again, Alliance got 2 victories and a couple high placements, but the consistency was nowhere near Na’Vi’s. Despite this, the team still placed in 2nd with 166 points, 23 points away from 1st.

Week 3

This week was probably the team’s worst, only reaching 4th place with 137 points. Here it was evident that the team struggled to get high kills like before, but somehow their placement was not too bad. They still grabbed their traditional 2 chicken dinners and that got them a lot of points in the end.

In the final standings, Alliance were first with a total of 500 points, just above Na’Vi (483 points).

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