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Akshan disabled for LEC Summer playoffs 2021


30 Jul 2021

Nathan Bonello

Riot have revealed that the new League of Legends champion, Akshan, will be disabled for the LEC Summer Split Playoffs 2021. Here is what you need to know:

Akshan disabled for LEC Summer playoffs 2021 – Why?

As can be seen in the tweet above by Riot Max (Head of Esports for LoL Europe), the LEC have updated their ruling on new champions. According to 7.4.3, champions which have not been on live servers for more than two weeks are automatically restricted. Apart from that, Riot reached out to the teams participating, and the majority of the teams declined Akshan’s participation.

Community Reaction

Immediately after the announcement, the community was split on this decision. G2’s head coach Grabbz voiced his opinion on the matter, stating the following:

Fans answered by revealing that the main ruling stated that the “new champions” must be enabled in all 4 of the top regions to play out in the next international tournament. Now this makes everything super confusing, as Riot stated that Akshan is to be played at the 2021 World Championship. However, this was later cleared up by Max with the tweet pinned at the top of the article.

Unlike most champion releases, Akshan has seen a very disappointing winrate ratio. As it stands, he has a 37.9% winrate on Champion.gg. Certainly something that was unexpected, especially since he’s the newest to enter the rift. Usually, upon Riot’s champion releases, there is community backlash due to the champion’s dominance. However this time, it seems like it’s not the case. We won’t be seeing him in the European playoffs, but hopefully we’ll be seeing Akshan in action at Worlds.

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