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General Info
Smash Summit 9Smash Summit 9

Smash Summit is back for an 9th iteration of their Super Smash Bros. Melee event, featuring a new format.

Beyond the Summit aim to create a different take on esports events with their "Summit" style tournaments where viewers get a more relaxed "behind the scenes" type experience, traditionally featuring players competing in additional fun side events outside of the main competition.

Eight of the best smashers in the world have been invited to compete. They will be joined by five players voted in by the community and another five players qualifying through other major events to compete for a prize pool fueled by a special event compendium.
Smash Summit 9Smash Summit 9

Group Stage:

The eighteen attending players are split into two swiss pools of nine players each. The top eight players advance to the playoffs bracket, with the top four being seeded into the upper bracket, and the bototm four into the lower bracket.


Double elimination bracket. If the player entering the grand finals from the lower side of the bracket wins the series, a reset occurs and one more grand finals series is played to determine the winner.

Smash Summit 9Smash Summit 9
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