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General Info
2020 LoL European Championship Spring2020 LoL European Championship Spring

The League of Legends European Championship, or LEC for short, is the premier franchise circuit for European pro LoL teams. The continents' top ten teams  face off across two seasons each year to determine the top dogs of the region.

Each season comes with a separate prize pool as well as qualifying spots for international events including the Mid Season Invitational and Worlds.

2020 LoL European Championship Spring2020 LoL European Championship Spring

*Format is speculative and based on previous years information and should not be treated as definitive information.

Group Stage:

Double round robin with Best-of-One matches. The top six teams qualify for the seasons playoffs.


Double elimination bracket with Best-of-Five matches. The top two teams of the season are seeded directly into the upper bracket finals. The third seed chooses whether they play either the fifth or sixth seed, with the fourth seed facing the leftover seed.

Winner qualifies for the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational, and the top three teams qualify for 2020 Rift Rivals.

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